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Apostle Price discusses the Nation of Islam as revealed in the book, "Message to the Black Man in America" (1965) by Elijah Muhammad. Are Allah and Jehovah the same God? Are they saying the same thing? How can you really know? Apostle Price compares the two. Apostle uses Elijah Muhammad's own work to reveal inconsistencies in his theology, and challenges Blacks to carefully examine these writings before men leave Christianity and migrate to Islam? Is Islam the black man's religion?" Apostle Price asks. "If Allah and Jehovah are the same God, shouldn't the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran say the same thing? Whose report will you believe?" asks Apostle Price. Apostle Price introduces facts about Islam that are virtually unknown to most Americans. He points out that the Koran and Hadith are described as the basis of all Islamic law.

Race,Religion & Racism Religion Pt 3A 12CD

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