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Pastor Fred Price Jr. hosted the 40th anniversary celebration of Ever Increasing Faith on the High Seas with an intense study on the principles of faith. The celebration was combined with the Crenshaw Christian Center Women's Retreat, which included a panel discussion featuring Minister Angela M. Evans, Minister Cheryl A. Price, Dr. Raquel Watts and guest minister Dr. Deloris (DeeDee) Freeman, first lady of Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Temple Hills, MD. (The Prayer of Faith). Pastor Fred Price Jr. teaches that God is a now God. He gave us a now ability to access Him and that ability is faith. If His word comes out of your mouth, He is ready to perform it. (The Law of Faith). Pastor Fred Price Jr. teaches that believers need to cooperate with the law of faith to receive the benefits of the kingdom of God. If believers violate the law, there are consequences. (Freedom Through Forgiveness). Minister Angela M. Evans teaches that believers are to walk in brotherly love through forgiveness, which translates into living free from consuming bitterness. If they don't forgive, they become that which they hate. (An Intimate Conversation). Dr. Raquel Watts emcee's a Q&A session with a panel speakers that provide helpful and practical answers and advice to awkward, provocative and heartfelt situations that women are often faced with concerning finances, husbands, friendships and interpersonal relationships. (8 Steps to Unconditional Self-Love and Acceptance). Minister Cheryl A. Price shares that women need to master their emotions. They need to accept themselves, be truthful to themselves, stop focusing on what is wrong and have the courage to stop whatever is not good in their lives.

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