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Four Steps to Success. Salvation is God's gift to mankind and the Word of God the Holy Bible provides the only true path to the successful Christian life. Apostle Frederick K.C. Price encourages the new believer to start at the beginning by 1. Understanding the precious gift of salvation: Armed with such a gift, the new believer can begin building on the firm foundation the sold Rock, which is Jesus. 2. Receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking with other tongues: Speaking with tongues is the biblical evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit, our power source. Although many people have been taught that salvation and being filled with the Holy Spirit are the same, the Bible makes clear they are not. 3. Learning the principles of faith: Every believer is dealt the measure of faith when he or she is born again. However, that faith must be developed. 4. Realizing that the Gospel includes divine healing and financial prosperity: Jesus has already borne all our sicknesses and diseases and has put in place a plan to bless our lives financially. For the new believer, this book is a marvelous guide into the wonders of the Christian life, both spiritual and physical.

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