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“Jesus: The True Resurrection” by Dr. Frederick K. Price. This powerful message addresses the foundational truth of Christianity—the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Context

Before we explore the absolute truth, let’s acknowledge some historical context. Throughout antiquity, various cultures worshipped deities associated with death and resurrection. Here are a few examples:

  1. Tamuz: A Mesopotamian deity, often depicted as a shepherd and associated with agriculture. Tamuz was worshipped around 4000 years before Christ’s birth.
  2. Ishtar (Inyanda): Known as a fertility goddess, Ishtar was the wife of Tamuz. Some mistakenly link her to Easter, but her worship predates Christianity by thousands of years.
  3. Osiris: An Egyptian god, Osiris symbolized the afterlife and resurrection. His worship dates back over 1500 years before Christ.
  4. Adonis: A Greek god of beauty and desire, worshipped around 450 years before Christ.
  5. Baal Hadad: The storm god worshipped across different cultures, spanning from 1 year to 4000 years before Christ.

The Challenge

Skeptics often point to these ancient dying-and-rising deities as a way to undermine the uniqueness of Jesus’ resurrection. They claim that the story of Jesus mirrors these earlier myths. But let’s examine the facts:

  1. Jesus’ Resurrection: The New Testament accounts consistently affirm that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead three days later. His resurrection is central to Christian faith.
  2. Historical Evidence: Unlike mythical gods, Jesus’ resurrection is grounded in historical events witnessed by many. Eyewitness testimonies, including those of the apostles, provide compelling evidence.
  3. Unique Claims: Jesus didn’t merely die and rise; He claimed to be the Son of God, the Messiah. His resurrection validates His claims and sets Him apart from other deities.

The Absolute Truth

Now, let’s unveil the absolute truth:

  1. Jesus’ Resurrection Is Unique: While other gods were part of mythologies, Jesus’ resurrection is rooted in history. His empty tomb, post-resurrection appearances, and transformed disciples attest to this truth.
  2. Fulfilled Prophecies: The Old Testament prophesied Jesus’ death and resurrection. His fulfillment of these prophecies confirms His divine identity.
  3. Changed Lives: The early Christians, who witnessed Jesus’ resurrection, were transformed. They boldly proclaimed His victory over death, even at the cost of their lives.
  4. Hope and Redemption: Jesus’ resurrection offers hope beyond this life. It assures us of eternal life and forgiveness of sins.

In summary, Jesus’ resurrection stands as the pinnacle of human history—a unique event that transcends myths and legends. It’s not just a fact; it’s the absolute truth that has endured for centuries. Our faith rests on this unshakable foundation.

Jesus: The True Resurrection 2024 CD

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