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Most Christians live several levels below where God desires them to live. They struggle to survive, are defeated in life, are out of work and many are sick. They desire a home, but think it's an impossible dream. They want to be well, but believe they must suffer with the condition. They want peace in the family, but think the situation will never change. They love God, believe the Bible and go to church, but fail to understand that as Christians they have authority over the negative circumstances in their lives. The Bible says that without faith it impossible to please God. Faith is the key, and strong faith will move every mountain in their paths. Apostle Frederick K.C. Price writes: "God's Word is alive, and it will do exactly what God sent it to do. But until it becomes a living reality in you, it won't do you any good. It may be true, but it won't do you any personal good until it gets in you."

How to Obtain Strong Faith: Six Principles (40 yr)

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