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The Godfather of faith. That's what many call him. That's because no other minister alive today is so closely aligned with the subject. Few have written on faith as comprehensively and with such amazing clarity as Apostle Frederick K.C. Price. To Apostle Price, faith should be the believer's number-one priority, even more than love, although love is certainly important. "You need to learn about faith before you learn about love," he writes. "Love is the greatest motivator--the primary motive by which one should do anything. There is no greater motivator than love." However, he explains: "Love is the motivator, but faith is the activator." After all, he reminds the believer, Hebrews 11:6 clearly states that "without faith it is impossible to please Him (God). "In this seminal work--How Faith Works" Apostle Price explains that not only love but such important areas as obedience and prayer work by faith. This best-selling book, now in its ninth printing, is the primer on faith, and should be in every believer's home to be read again and again. In it, Apostle Price explains: Why faith and belief are different, Why faith is acting on what you believe, How to increase your faith, Why faith requires action, Why faith is a way of life and much, much more.


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