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In this in-depth teaching Pastor Fred Price presents an understanding of the nature and purpose of angels.

In Part 1, Pastor Price shows through scripture that angels are a created order sent forth to minister on behalf of the saints. The original word translated in both the Old and New Testament literally means "message". The positions of angelic powers are ranked as thrones, dominions, principalities, authorities, powers, rulers and archangels. Angels are innumerable and operate in a celestial hierarchy. Satan himself is an angel, known as the ruler of this world (John 16:11).

In Part 2 of this in-depth teaching, Pastor Price continues his expository study on the nature and purpose of angels. Citing references from the ancient Jewish work (The Book of Enoch), Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, Pastor Price teaches on the different governments of angels, their hierarchies and the relationship between angels and demons. He also gives clarity on the origin of demons and the three levels of attack.

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