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“The Tithe That Binds” by Dr. Frederick K. Price delves into the intricate aspects of tithing, exploring whether it is biblically supported for New Covenant followers of Jesus Christ. Here are some key points from the teaching:
  1. Tithes vs. Offerings: Dr. Price emphasizes that God distinguishes between tithes and offerings. Tithing predates the Mosaic Law and encompasses various forms of giving beyond mere money.
  2. Three Tithes Under the Law:
    • Levitical Tithe: To support the priests.
    • Festival Tithe: For celebrating feasts.
    • Tithe for the Poor: Every third year. These tithes were required in ancient Israel.
  3. Stewardship and Accountability: God directly addressed the Levitical priests about their stewardship over tithes and offerings. Interestingly, Abraham practiced tithing even before the Law, giving a tenth of the spoils to Melchizedek.
  1. The “Hundredfold” Return: Dr. Price unveils the true meaning behind the “hundredfold” return—it’s actually the “manifold” return. Expect abundant harvests across various aspects of life.
  2. New Testament Giving:
    • Cheerful Giving: Express gratitude and joy by supporting God’s work.
    • Sowing and Reaping: Understand that giving yields both spiritual and material blessings.
    • Generosity: Reflect God’s character through generous giving.
In summary, “The Tithe That Binds” invites readers to explore, question, and align their hearts with biblical principles regarding giving.

The Tithe That Binds Book

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