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Is reconciliation really the answer to solving the question of racism in the Church? Apostle Price defines the term. Apostle Price cities the U.S. Supreme Court's response to the Dred Scott case of March 6, 1857. He also explores the rhetoric used by statesmen, psychologists and philosophers to consign Blacks to a level of servitude. "In the interest of both races and in the fear of God, I call for a division." Apostle Price challenges this and other quotes from "The Crucial Race Question or How Shall the Color Line Be Drawn?" (1907) by Rev. William Montgomery Brown. Apostle Price describes how black clergy were systematically excluded from leadership positions in the Church. He also explains why some Blacks have labeled Christianity as "the white man's religion." Apostle Price asks, "Was Ham really cursed?" He examines literature that exploits perverted legends and negative stereotype about how and why Black people "became" black. "The Curse of Ham" is a misnomer, says Apostle Price. Find out who was really cursed, and by whom.

Race,Religion & Racism Religion Pt 2 4DVD

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