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Apostle Price identifies the Hadith as the writings which contain the oral traditions of the Prophet Muhammad, given by the men and women who were his closest followers. These followers describe the prophet as a "white man." Apostle juxtaposes both Jesus and Muhammad in the light of the Bible and the Hadith to examine the two leaders. He also points out Biblical references to the compassion and mercy of Jesus. Apostle cites references to the Koran and Hadith that condone slavery. He examines Scripture from the New Testament which condemn slavery. Apostle Price discusses the most prolific slave traders today. Apostle Price expounds on the magnitude of the enslavement of black Africans by Islamic countries. He introduces a five-part expose from a Muslim Awareness Conference, featuring the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

Race,Religion & Racism Religion Pt 3B 9CD

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